Fumacon 2022 - Nov 27th from 11 AM - Guyana Marriott Hotel

Activities at Fumacon

Pokemon Scavenger Hunt!

Search the convention for hidden Pokémon Balls! 18 Pokeballs are scattered throughout for you guys to find. But Beware! Team Rocket has hidden some fakes so be on the lookout! Use the Pokedex Sheet to view descriptions of each Pokémon to aid you in your hunt. Grab a friend! This Scavenger Hunt requires a partner!! Duos Only!! The Team with the most Pokeballs wins a prize! [10 teams of 2]

Spicy Ramen Challenge

Our SPICY Ramen Challenge will have your lips on FIRE!! Do you dare to accept such a devilish challenge!? Complete an entire pack of delicious spicy noodles in under 2 minutes. Once that timer is up, ANOTHER 5 minutes to go to really feel that HEAT!! No water or milk until the challenge is complete. Only then can you win a prize!! [1 V 1]

Jojo Pose Competition

Do you really think you can pose like a Joestar★? Your next line is ‘Yes, I absolutely can!’ Come forth and compete against other fellow Stand users to see which of you can best replicate these iconic Jojo poses done by characters in the anime, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure!! The person who completes the most ‘Quick and Perfect’ poses shall win a prize!!! [1 V 1]

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Selfie Icons! Gather Around!!! Looking for photogenic competitors! For this competition, you guys will be given a sheet that lists all the items required for this challenge. You must find all items and snap a selfie with each one. Once the timer is up, whoever has secured the most pictures wins. Grab a friend! This Scavenger Hunt requires a partner!! Duos Only!! [4 teams of 2]